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The Reader’s Guide to Learn a New Language

One of the quickest, most effective ways to learn a new language is to read everything under the sun written in the target language! Whether it is French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Hindi or English — reading in the target language every day cuts the time taken to acquire fluency by almost 50%!

People usually don’t focus on the reading part when it comes to learning a new language. They’d rather focus on speaking in the target language and acquiring the vocabulary which will be helpful in the same so that they can communicate with native speakers. But reading grants them access to a whole new world of precious vocabulary. Reading a book of 350 pages alone will expose them to thousands of words used in different contexts and situations. Now this level of exposure won’t be possible when you allot limited time to talk to native speakers, will it?

Additionally, reading helps language learners to know the history of a language. While reading the classics written in the language will help them to appreciate the culture, it will also help them to understand the different expressions and moods. They might even be able to notice connections between the target language and their own native tongues which will make the learning process more interesting and fun.

Now that we have established that reading is a crucial part of the language learning process, let’s have a look at how and what you should read while starting to learn a new language:


  1. Read comic books: Look up the words that you don’t understand. Comic books are great language learning tools because the pictures ensure that you know what’s going on in each panel. The pictures help you to associate meaning to unfamiliar words.
  2. Read fairy tales and children’s literature: Why? Because the language used is simple and easy to understand! You will also get an idea of elementary sentence constructions.
  3. Read the newspaper: This method of language learning is vouched for by millions around the world. Just grab the day’s newspaper and start reading aloud!
  4. If you visit a country in which majority of the population speaks the target language, then don’t forget to read the signboards, the brochures, the banners, the posters written in that language!
  5. While reading books, open up and listen to the audiobooks as well. This will help you to grasp the spelling as well as pronunciation of hundreds of words. But ensure that you adjust the narration speed according to your own reading speed.

Use some of these tips to enhance target language proficiency. You can sign up for online courses such as ours to master different languages!

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