Three Easy-to-Understand French Movies for Beginners

Many people delve passionately into the world of French language because they find the culture extremely intriguing and interesting. Not only has the country given birth to revolutionary movements in every field imaginable, but it has also always been at the forefront when it comes to political thought, philosophy, new styles in painting, sculpting, writing and so on. Another extremely valuable gift that the country has given to the world is French cinema.

French movies have never been just about having a gala time at the theater. It has always been so much more than that. Most of the classics are works of art in themselves and they provide a mirror to the society in general.

Colored by intellectualism and more often than not ahead of its time, French cinema tends to veer towards experimentation with different techniques and styles. After all, French directors have, time and again, reinvented world cinema with their experiments. So who wouldn’t love to watch such movies without having to depend on external subtitles?


Apart from that, watching movies and TV series which are in the language you are trying to learn can help you to learn and memorize specific words faster. You will also be able to understand the colloquial expressions and the contexts in which different expressions are used. Additionally, you will also get a hang of intonations as well as improve your pronunciation!

Avoid watching certain classics and movies which might leave you squinting for subtitles as the dialect used might not sound familiar to you. Some historical movies might also have characters who have different accents which might make the learning process more difficult. Of course, you can watch such movies for your knowledge and entertainment. But if you are a beginner standing at the hallowed steps which lead to expertise in the French language, then choose simpler ones instead. Here are some of our must-see recommendations:


1) Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain (2001)

An extremely entertaining, lighthearted and beautifully filmed movie that depicts the coming-of-age story of a girl named Amelie, it is one of the most successful French movies of all time. Watch this movie, it will make you smile!


2) Potiche (2011)

Set in 1977 when demand for gender equality was in full swing, Potiche follows the evolution of a housewife to that of a boss of a family-run business.


3) Kirikou et la Sorcière (1998)

Directed by Michel Ocelot, this animated movie is considered to be a classic in world cinema. It is set in a West African tribal village which is reeling under severe drought. The protagonist of the movie, an energetic and determined child named Kirikou, makes up his mind to solve this problem!

This is actually an exciting and interesting way to learn the French language. You can also sign up for fun online classes to master the different aspects of the language whether it is reading, speaking, or writing.

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