TV Series You Should Watch If You’re Learning Korean

Romantic K-dramas are popular all over the world because they are so cheesy, fun and interesting to watch! Some are perfect for you to binge-watch especially when you crave some good old romantic comedy. Added to this, you are also exposed to a wholly different and unexplored culture.

The plot lines of most Korean television dramas are fairly straightforward and easy to follow.
That is why they are a must-watch for anyone trying to learn the language.

Here are some Korean TV serials that you will be able to follow quite easily:


1) Boys Over Flowers

This hugely popular television series follows the life of an introverted schoolgirl and her run-ins with the rich, popular guy in school. They mutually hate each other at first but eventually end up falling in love. Watch if cheesy, butterflies-in-the-stomach romantic dramas are your thing!


2) The Empress Ki

A woman belonging to the lower classes ends up becoming an empress! Do we need to give any more reasons for you to watch this? The actress playing the protagonist has won national as well as international accolades for her performance.


3) I’m Not a Robot

This Korean TV series did extremely well internationally because of its novel theme. We have a protagonist who suffers from allergies the moment he touches a human, and then we have the female lead, who pretends to be a robot! If you want to become a better Korean speaker, then give this series a try.


4) Heartstrings

K-dramas are known for their sappy, college romances and Heartstrings is no different. The male protagonist is a brooding musician who is interested in nothing apart from his music. But everything changes when the female protagonist stumbles into his life! If you are a beginner at learning the language, then tune in to this.


5) Fight For My Way

This TV series follows four friends who are in search of their identity while also struggling to find their calling in life. What ensues is a cute story of friends falling for each other.

Watching Korean rom-coms will actually help you to learn the language faster because after all, they are fun! So what are you waiting for? Go start watching!


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