As a tutor, how do I get paid?

All tutor will be paid 80% of their stated rate. The amount earned will be reflected in the tutor's profile after login.

As a tutor, how can I receive the money I have earned.

Once you have earned money, you can use the cash out option to have your money transferred to your Paypal account. Thus it is very important that you specify your Paypal account email in your profile

As a student, am I able to change the tutor?

Yes. At any point of time that you wish, you can stop the lesson from a tutor and choose another tutor with the credits that you have.

As a student, if I only used 10 minutes for a lesson how much will I be charged?

Your charges will be divided accordingly to the nearest minutes. This will ensure that your credits are optimized and not short changed.

As a student, am I able to get a refund for the unused credits?

No. We do not issue refund for unused credits. We encourage you to use all your credits before purchasing more.