I am very familiar with the work, since I was used to tutor students while I was in university , I was very pleased to find out about this employment possibility, since my dream is to travel the world and also help others by teaching or brushing of the thing I've learnt onto others. I believe that my strong educational background, extensive experience and communication skills makes an appropriate candidate for this position. As you can see in the enclosed resume, I have been working as a manager with Mimmos an Italian restaurant for 1 year now. Since, my responsibilities and duties were quite similar to those required, I strongly believe I can perform well all the delegated duties and tasks. As a greatest success on this position I would like to point out that I have great communication skills, leadership skills, love kids, enjoy working with people, love educated people and most importantly I'm very patient and passionate with whatever task I set out to do. On the previous posts I have been always receiving excellent feedback from my employers, which proves my strong commitment to perform my responsibilities in professional and effective manner. I like to work in a team, but I am also comfortable working on my own. Furthermore I am accurate, goal oriented, smart worker and flexible with tasks Thanks to my wide experience and leadership roles that I attained at a young age. I perceive this employment opportunity as a significant advancement in my career, since this has been a major goal of mine. I believe that working in China as an educator will improve the quality of my life and my future students, it will be an extremely good environment to show off my full potential and utilize my skills and knowledge. In that line I am looking forward to your call for an interview. As requested I am enclosing my resume, where you can find details information on my experience and skills. References are available on request, or you can contact the reference persons listed below on your own. If you need additional information or documents, feel free to call me on my cell or email me.

Basic Details -

Age 24


From South Africa

Experience 1-3 years

Qualification Bcom I. T(incomplete)

Availability -




Languages -

English Basic Speaking Skills 

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