Mbah lorenzo [Certificate Verified]

My name is Mbah lorenzo, a 24 years old male from Cameroon. I am a holder of a bachelor's degree and a state issued teaching diploma from the state's higher teacher training college with a 4 years teaching experience. I also hold a TEFL certificate and I have been teaching online for 6 months with abc123 online tutoring platform. I am a very creative person with a lot of passion for teaching English and for my 4 years teaching experience, i have been through a lot that has made me to be more courageous and strong in the teaching field. I enjoy working with kids most, especially foreign kids who wants to learn the English language. For my 4 years spent in the teaching domain, I have had a lot of experience on how to deal with young people who are learning English as a foreign language. I have a great skill for class management and I know how to work with children very well.

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Age 23


From Cameroon

Experience none

Qualification Bachelor's degree

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Monday Half Day

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English Highly Proficient 

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