Anna [Certificate Verified]

Greetings! I am an English teacher who was born in Tashkent, grew up in the USA and currently travelling through Russia. My teaching experience started when I was a 17 year old student looking for a hobby. Did I know then that my hobby was going to become my profession. My first student was a 3 year old boy. And even though he was my first ever student I thought that the best way to expose him to English was to make the lessons as fun and playful as possible. Right now this boy is a talented student living in the USA. The years went and I gained more experience with children. I worked in different cities like Moscow, Tashkent, Sochi. I worked in different international schools. I worked as an English teacher, Music teacher, Kindergarten teacher and even a Vice-principal. As a teacher I am always very eager to learn new methods of teaching. I am always searching the internet to find out how the teaching world is progressing and try to progress as a teacher myself. Never stop learning and become a role model for your students.

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Age 27


From Russia

Experience 5 years above

Qualification Bachelor's Degree

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English Highly Proficient 

Russian Native Speaker 

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