Tan Kaijia

Experience: 3 years Highest qualification obtained: Bachelor of Literature(majored in Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language) in Beijing, China(Beijing Language and Culture University). I am local born and bred Singaporean. I have been tutoring both locals and foreigners, age from 5-28 years old. One local Filipino female student who I have taught in 2016. She has obtained low C for the previous years but starting to have improvements for her SA, she had high C. After which, she had low B and then high B for her preliminary exam. She has retained high B for her PSLE. One local Chinese male student from English speaking family, studying Primary 2 in Saint Andrew's Junior School. Started tutoring since July 2016, not able to converse basic conversation from start, after which improved significantly after 6 months. He had been obtaining low A since SA2 in 2016 and SA1 in 2017. One local Chinese female student studying Primary 5 in CHIJ Lady of Good Counsel, taking higher Chinese and normal Chinese this year, started tutoring since April 2018, obtained low B for higher Chinese and low A for normal Chinese. Quite a significant improvement for composition writing and fundamental knowledges, slight improvement for comprehension, remembering seldom used Chinese characters and Hanyu pinyin for recent CA2. She has obtained B4 for higher Chinese and A2 for normal Chinese. My first and only P6 assignment which engaged by Tuition Home Care Agency.

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From Singapore

Experience 1-3 years

Qualification Bachelor of Literature(majored in Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language)

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Mandarin Native Speaker 

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